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Elisabeth Moss strips down for intimate love scene in TV show

Lovemaking scenes are now much active in TV soaps. Earlier they were not much in the shows on TV. Rarely did we find them on the shows. If did, they were quite in less quantity and those were also aired not much openly. But in today’s time, everything is quite open and wild. Like movies, the TV shows too have the intimate love scenes and yes, they get good TRP for the shows.

Actors too are much interested in doing so. The main reasons include big money, big projection and instant fame. This all comes in instantly. So why to say ‘bye’?

Well, the latest lovemaking intimate scene aired on the show ‘Top of the Lake’. In this scene, Elisabeth Moss stripped down to her birth suit for a wild lovemaking scene with costar in the woods.

This racy scene has well been in news and been fetching leads in the media and over the web. About the scene, Elisabeth says it was necessary, so she went for the same.