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Christina Aguilera on being naked and Hilary’s seeing her bust

Christina Aguilera, the famed and controversial songstress, has talked openly about her going naked on the album cover of her newly released album, ‘Lotus’. She talked all this on the Ellen DeGeneres show during her appearance on Friday. The voluptuous Christina openly chipped in as to why she chose to go naked on the album cover.

Aguilera also told the host about the infamous snap of her with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in which Hilary was seen seeing deeply on Christina’s mammoth cleavage. The picture went viral making Christina more famous in the U.S. and the world.

Christina told that she went naked for the album cover since she wanted to be free. She wanted to show the world that she was much comfortable with her body and the weight gain.

Christina gained huge weight post the birth of her four years old son, Max. And since then there has been no signs of weight control at all.

About being naked, she says it is something better to go with lesser clothes on.