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Tamara Ecclestone shows deep cleavage at Elton John’s event

She is elegant…she is sexy…she is curvy…she is classy and she is beautiful. Tamara Ecclestone attended the Grey Goose Ball annual event of Elton John, the famed singer. All eyes were on the classy babe. She made everyone noticed her and her brilliantly designed costume.

She let the world know her new fashion sense and she was actually waiting for the shutterbugs to arrive and click her pictures in the costume which was revealing more of her deep cleavage in plenty. She hit the red carpet and the flashes of the bulbs started happening on her.

The gorgeous socialite was wearing the white column gown which was clinging to her every curve making each curve prominent.

The babe was confident in the outfit. Elton John and his partner both were there and they greeted all the guests with gusto. The other celebs like Elizabeth Hurely and others were also seen attending the fiesta.