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Emma B shows off her new toned up sexy body in a photo shoot

Famed model Emma B is the one whose curves get the people mad. She is laced with super curves which are utter sexy and ultimately make the men get crazy for them. She is a real seductress and would love to flaunt her body.

Well, this sexy seductress has done a special photo shoot for a renowned fashion magazine in which she showed off her new bodybuilder body in a gold bikini. In a photo for this exclusive photo shoot, model turned body builder Emma smoulders against a wall to let the fans enjoy her packs.

Previously she was not the star of the critics’ eyes as they rated her body as disgusting and freak show and now she has silenced her critics with her new toned up body which is super lip smacking. In another photo, she flexes her bicep. She also shows her d-shaped bum in gold underwear.

About the boobs, she is not fond of having bigger ones. She said it was a mistake having them done at the age of 22.