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Kate Moss says she cannot dress like a wife

Kate Moss is an English super model and a big name in the fashion industry of the UK and across the globe. She is the trend setter and the girls around the globe copy her style. The fact remains that Kate Moss has never ever been lured wearing something horrible just to check if she might make it fashionable.

Women world over copy her style and the English supermodel finds it a big compliment. She is not worried at all that having gals copying her style makes her no more unique rather she says it is an honor and a big compliment.

She also designs her collection for Topshop and she loves seeing people wearing her brand. Kate’s, 38, wardrobe is also rich and filled with numerous designed clothes. She is married to rocker Jamie Hince and she says that marriage has not changed her style. She can never be dressed like a wife, if she does her hubby would go mental because he likes her in rock n roll style.