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Erin Heatherton gives tips to upcoming models

The well famed Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton utters that it is widely and most important to be fit rather than being too skinny. Erin is a super gorgeous and well in demand model. The apple of all the brands and the fashion shows, the babe is loved to be watched on the shows and in the ads.

She is undoubtedly the role model of the upcoming models who follow her routines and whatever she does. And for them, she says that it is important to be fir than slipping into a skinny physique.

She has recently taught about maintaining a good diet. She goes on mentioning that the women need to eat healthy and along with they have to take exercises. If the women would love to be the brand models of lingerie products, then they need to eat healthy and do workouts.

Erin mentions that she gets up very early in the morning around 6 a.m. and then begin with her strict exercise routine to maintain her curves.

Erin Heatherton strips down for Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie

Victoria’s Secret models are always in news and they automatically get the camera’s flash bulbs when they land into the fashion assignments of Victoria’s Secret. Many models have turned supermodels post their entry into the stream of Victoria’s Secret. Well, the latest posing for Victoria’s Secret has been done none other than by the present love interest of Hollywood biggie Leonardo DiCaprio, Erin Heatherton who poses in sexy-revealing lingerie.


Erin, 23, shows off her toned up svelte body in the fashion brand’s summer range. In this photoshoot, Heatherton leaves her blonde tresses open and goes for the smoky eyes. This makes the babe ultra sexy and gorgeous. In one of the shots, she poses in seductive style wearing the lacy brownish two-piece. In the other shot, she goes for wearing the electric blue lingerie and she looks damn hot flaunting her superb curves. This babe is super hot and can make the men turn on with super ease.