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Hayden Panettiere’s bikini photo shoot for Esquire magazine

She is newly single and guess, she might be ready to mingle again. Well, we are talking about none other than the very gorgeous, stunning, ravishing and sexiest beauty Hayden Panettiere. She has just broken with beau Scotty McKnight.

She has posed in a revealing and gorgeous bikini for the January issue of Esquire magazine. She models for two beautiful bikinis for the magazine’s photo shoot. She shows her ex-lover that how beautiful and sexiest she is in bikinis and what he is missing now after the split?

Earlier this week, it was reported that she and her footballer beau Scotty McKnight broke up. Panettiere looks stunning and simple incredible in the photos getting clad in two-piece.

Hayden, 23, tells about her character in Nashville while talking to the magazine. In this show, she stars as a fame hungry star enacting the character of Juliette Barnes.

She goes on revealing her character as ‘the cold bitch of the century’.

The reports have it that through the couple – Hayden and Scotty have broken up but they are still friends and claim to remain the same.

Mila Kunis goes topless for Esquire Magazine’s November issue

The babes of the entertainment world would love going topless and naked for the photoshoots – main reasons behind include huge and instant popularity and ofcourse the big wealth. The biggest celebs too join in the bandwagon and that is because of big fame (for which they are always greedy) and big money to fill their pockets. Mila Kunis, a name which is not small rather big in the entertainment world, too got on board on the list of the babes who went topless.

Mila has gone topless for the men’s magazine Esquire’s November 2012 issue. The heated and sexiest pictures of Kunis have already making big noise on the web and the media. The fans get glued to the pictures crazily.

Esquire named her the sexiest woman alive on the cover of the magazine. The hot pictures are creating the positive hype for the gorgeous and sexiest lass. Well, there is absolutely no doubt about it that she is the sexiest woman of the tinsel town.

In the pictures, she cupped her bare breasts with her hands. Her make-up is remarkably catchy and the smoky eyes grab the attention and make her utterly steamy. Mila Kunis is a big damsel – the pictures prove the same.

Krysten Ritter’s lingerie photoshoot for Esquire magazine

Krysten Ritter is the top notch beauty of the entertainment world. She is the one lass who can turn on the men in a jiffy since she has curvaceous body structure, marvelous sex appeal, heart-hitting persona and super beauty. She possesses everything a man dreams for or wants in a woman.

Krysten is liked and followed a lot. She has big fan following in the world. Her photo shoots are viewed much and she is often roped in to the shoots since her demand is higher. Well, the latest photo shoot of Krysten Ritter is for the Esquire’s April 2012’s issue which is making bigger waves in the market these days. She graced the cover page of the magazine wearing just lingerie. Krysten looks astonishingly sexy and breath-arresting. She is the star of the forthcoming ABC series ‘Don’t Trust the B- in Apartment 23’. This issue also features the sexy kitten Sofia Vergara.