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Chole Sims’ fashion mishap in Essex

The Only Way is Essex’s Chole showed off her d-shaped derriere in the revealing pants recently. The fact remains that the entire female cast of the fiesta is known for flaunting off their private assets in daring and revealing outfits. They all keep on showing off – guess, they do so for the instant publicity.

Now continuing with the trend, Chloe Sims comes up to join the bandwagon as she was pictured when she came out of her beau’s vehicle on Thursday evening for dinner. She was clad in a skin tight catsuit which was giving the opportunity to all and sundry to peek into to have joys.

Chole suffered a fashion mishap when the lights of cameras poured onto her. And these are the lights which became the real culprit since they showed off the revealing pants and then the vivid view of her derriere came out.

Sims was wearing one shoulder catsuit adorned with gems. The outfit was showing off the cleavage and the upper parts of the assets were in full view.