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How you can become a ramp or runway model – easy formula

When you think of modeling field, the thought of becoming a ramp model too hits the minds and hearts. Ramp models are also called the runway and fashion models. They have to be thin bodies and tall. These models do catwalk on the ramp. These women or men are beautiful and thin. Mostly this job is targeted to the ones in their teen age or twenties. This job requires quite hard work. How you can become a good ramp or runway model? For this follow the below tips.

  • The heads shots in 8 1/2″ by 11″ sizes are quite essential. To get the head shots, take the help from a good professional photographer.


  • Get your head shots and then send them with a brief cover letter describing about you and carrying your contact details to the agents or the modeling agencies. Do mention your body stats as well in the cover letter.


  • To get modeling jobs or to get yourself familiarize with the ones in the fashion industry, try to attend the modeling functions and start getting yourself associated with the network of modeling. You get noticed and finally will get the opportunities knocking at the doors.


  • From the ramp models, attend the open calls since modeling agencies are always (more often) hold these open calls for the aspiring or established models. These open calls are normally seen getting advertized in the local newspapers, magazines, publications or in Craigslist.

Do follow the above mentioned tips and you will find yourself landing in to the world of opportunities where you will be laced with the works in your way. Try to have maximum contacts with the people associated with the modeling abode.  Ramp modeling is the one job that opens many avenues for the models and you start getting noticed and getting fame.