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Victoria Beckham designs special edition of Range Rover

Victoria Beckham, the famed British fashion designer who is the wife of the superstar soccer player David Beckham, is on bigger headlines these days for designing the Rang Rover’s special edition. She revealed that while designing for the special edition of this off-road vehicle of Range Rover ‘Evoque’, she had David Beckham in mind.

She went on expressing that she stayed super true to herself and she had designed the vehicle which she wanted to drive and she had designed the car which her husband wanted to drive. She was in Beijing for the promotional activities of the vehicle. David Beckham admits that his wife has not done the project of this kind before in her career.

Victoria tells the media that she likes driving this car as when she designs clothes she wants to wear them. About the inspiration for the vehicle’s design, she says that the inspiration came from various sources as she took inspirations from cars, planes, boats and many other things. The special edition of Range Rover costs around 80,000 British Pounds which are equal to $129,000.