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Lisa Riley loves being fat than fake

She is fat and she is size 16 but this babe does not mind at all to be fatty. Former Exmmerdale star Lisa Riley is really gorgeous and ravishing even being plump. She openly admits the hazardous thing about her and about Strictly – fake tan.

She utters that she is much worried about looking being an Oompa Loompa. She goes on mentioning that everything in England is fake.

She then adds that in the UK, everyone is allowed to be orange having fake boobs and fake lashes and she says that she does not care at all and gives it a damn if people call her fat or Emmerwhale.  Lisa says that she would rather be herself than a chunk of fakeness. The 36-year-old actress loves being fat.

She says that being fat is rather good and impressive for her than being into the state of fakeness which normally people are doing.