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Rihanna goes topless in waterfall in Hawaii

The stunningly gorgeous and super sexy singer Rihanna, who has good fan following in the world and is often seen doing the weird things, has now shown the world her racy pictures. Well, we all know that Rihanna is quite popular for her strangest acts in public. She has gone many a time nude and posed nude for various magazines covers. She knows how to grab the publicity and she aptly uses this art to get the headlines.

Now she wants extra dose of spicy headlines that she posted her racy pictures clicked on her vacation in Hawaii. She posted these much revealing pictures on her Facebook page. The pictures then found their way all over the web making her fans to enjoy the mammoth heat coming right from her saucy pictures.

Initially she was in much revealing bikini taking sun bath spraying the cool fragrance on her body. Enjoy the rays of the sun walking there. And then she slipped into the waterfall and tossed her bra away turning fully topless. Wow, is the reaction comes out seeing her pictures.