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Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone turn intimate on bed

Both Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone got up and close and go down to do the business in a bed room. Yes, this has happened. But wait…wait, before you get any wrong thoughts. This has not taken place in actual rather it was for a movie’s scene. Both shot for the intimate steamy scene for a film titled ‘Fading Gigolo’.

Both of these women are famed for her most curvaceous body structures and larger assets and seeing both getting intimate with each other would be a men’s big pleasure for sure.

The scene picturised on them in New York City on Thursday, November 29th 2012. Sofia Vergara, 40, played the seductress stripping off to show off her killer curves in a revealing black lingerie whereas Sharon, 54, came and got close to Sofia wrapping her arm around the gorgeous brunette beauty.

The scene was captured on a bed room. Sharon even went on embracing Sofia and turned super passionate on the bed.