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Lady Gaga’s new fragrance ‘Fame’ smells blood and semen

The much controversial singer Lady Gaga is all geared up to launch her perfume ‘Fame’ and it has been scheduled to be launched in August this year. She was hiding the details but a fashion editor from Canada has released the picture of the perfume. Then Gaga was bound to disclose the details along with the picture of the perfume.

Last week the editor leaked the photo of the Gaga;s new fragrance and then immediately Lady Gaga wasting no time tweeted the bottle’s picture and told the details of the perfume to her fans. She tweets, ‘it looks like someone has leaked the picture of my new fragrance’s bottle’.

The new fragrance has been named ‘Fame’. The reports told that the scent of the perfume will be the fusion of blood and semen. She tells that it would be the first black and eau de perfume. Lady Gaga is excited and she is waiting for the d-day to come when it will be launched for the masses.