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Kim Kardashian lets you see her famous bum…check it out

Kim Kardashain, the babe who simply loves the camera’s attention and the flash bulbs of the cameras of the paparazzi. She keeps on wearing or doing the actions generate the flashes on her. She is a limelight hogger and why not she has to be since she has the notorious bigger assets and the much famed bigger curvilinear bum to expose?

Kim loves being on the beach and the shutter bugs often catch her there where she goes on revealing much than the expectations. Well, she goes on her fashion of exposure even at night when she came out with her current beau Kanye West, the famed rapper in Miami to eat dinner at the restaurant, Prime 112.

She was clad in a much revealing costume fit for day or at poolside when she appeared with Kanye on Sunday night in Miami. She was clad in a bra-style bikini top that let the onlookers and the people out there see the deep sight of her notorious assets and the clearly vivid view of her much famous bum.

Kim teamed up the outfit with high waited grey pencil heels. Beneath the bra top, she was wearing the transparent skirt which was showing off her famous bum from behind.