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Avril Lavigne collections to be showcased at New York Fashion Week

Avril Lavigne

The 26-year-old Singer cum fashion designer Avril Lavigne will showcase her latest collection of Abbey Dawn clothing range at the New York Fashion week. Her collection will include ladies dresses, denim skirts, footwear, handbags, wallets, purses and eyewear. She love being fashionable. She explained the changes takes place in her fashion sense as she grew up.

“when I was younger, I dressed skater and had that whole thing going on. But as I grew up, I eventually started wearing heels and dresses. Over time, fashion choices change. Now that I’m older and have a fashion line, I’m more into fashion,” she said.

I like to dress with rock ‘n’ roll elements and be casual. I like jeans with rips and skulls, but now I wear more flattering pices. I would never have worn heels or tight trousers before, or dresses. Today, though, I enjoy it. I’ve grown up,” she said.