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How To Give Your Little Black Dress A Touch of Spring

Coco Chanel may be the ‘mother’ of the so-called Little Black Dress (LBD), but it’s really up to you how to personalize it and make it your own. That’s the beauty of this timeless closet must-have – its undeniable versatility to suit any occasion, and any season.

Spring is upon us, and summer’s coming in just a few months. Should your LBD stay in the closet in favor of ‘happier’ colors? Should you go binge-shopping for spring clothes and skip on getting a new black frock?

The answer should be a resounding no!

Black may seem too ‘bland’ for the season of fun and flowers, but truth is, there are many ways to power up the LBD! Here are some techniques to do just that:

1. Choose lighter fabrics and flowing lines.

Since the weather gets warmer during the spring to summer season, you may want to choose an LBD made of more airy fabrics. A little black dress made of breathable linen, soft cotton, or light wool would be good choices.

For a more spring feel, choose cuts with more ‘flowy’ and feminine lines. LBDs with flutter sleeves or one-sided shoulder drapes gives you a more casual yet still sophisticated look. A bit of ruffle on the hem makes your short little black dress fun, flirty, and oh-so-ready for spring too.

2. Ditch the sleeve and go short!

Don’t be afraid to do some appropriate ‘skin-baring’ with your LBD. Sleeveless or strapless black dresses will keep you cool despite the warm temperature, and won’t make you feel out-of-place even when you’re on the beach.

You can also give your legs some room to breathe by going for shorter LBDs. You don’t have to make it really skimpy, keep it at a comfortable length so you can still pull it off with confidence.

3. Accessorize with colorful and interesting beads.

For this season, keep the classy pearls in the jewellery box, and bring out the chunky turquoise wooden necklace to go with your LBD. Wooden accessories or those made of native materials add that funky dose of boho chic.

If you can’t do without your usual bling for events like night-time beach parties, gems in spring colors like pink, yellow, and cyan are awesome options to still keep that spring/summer vibe.

4. Put on some florals.

Floral and petal prints are recurring spring/summer trends. So how do you use this with your little black dress without looking garish?

Keep it to a minimum. Put on accessories with flower themes, but don’t overdo it. Bigger floral prints in solid colors go better with the elegant little black dress more than smaller prints in a kaleidoscope of hues.

5. Try funky swirls in spring/summer colors.

A budding trend for the season is ‘futuristic’ patterns. Yes the likes you see on your media player when it goes on equalizer or screensaver mode. It can be on a jacket or a light scarf, and would look exquisite with a little black dress with simple lines.

6. Make your shoes and handbag ‘bloom’!

Shoes in solid spring/summer colors like soft pink, purple, or blue pastels paired with LBDs are easy and comfortable choices. Go for open-toed sandals or sexy straps.

Want something that says ‘spring’ for your favorite black shift dress that you wear to work? Pumps in floral prints and a simple colored bracelet would make you the chic corporate chick this season!

Handbags are also great spring/summer complements. Go for those in bright colors like orange, yellow, and even in shades of spring 2012’s neon craze. Since you don’t always need to ‘wear’ your handbag, this is one styling aspect you can go crazy with, without destroying the classic elegance of your LBD.

The best thing about the little black dress? When the spring/summer season is over, all you have to do is dress it up differently for the next season! More value for your money right?

Victoria Amos does freelance styling for photoshoots and is an advocate of smart fashion shopping. Take note of her tips even when you go shopping for your bridal dress and spring wedding favors!