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Sarah Jessica Parker spotted wearing light grey strapless number

Fashion trends always keep on changing – though some of the fashion trends stay for long and there are certain trends which last long. Anyway, the current trends have the oomph factor for sure. People would love to follow. Usually these trends come from the celebs who adorn them and the world follows. But the real ones behind the trend generation are the fashion designers and the designer companies.

These days the gowns are much seen among the female celebs and they are seen wearing them in various styles. The strapless gowns seem to be quite in nowadays and we get to see the Hollywood babes in particular getting dolled up with these gowns.

Sarah Jessica Parker is the female celeb who recently was spotted wearing the strapless number. The light grey colored strapless gown she wore at the Elle’s 19th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute in Los Angeles. The paparazzi rushed to click this woman’s pictures.

Her claim to fame is Sex and The City and the masses would love to watch her on screen. Thus her juicy gossips too bring in good amount of readers in the media and over the web.

Hip Hop Celebrities: Their fashion trends

Everyone wants to follow the lifestyle and fashion statements of the rich and the famous, especially of those who are celebrities. Celebrity dressing is very much followed by people in their day to day life as everyone considers them as the style icons.  Whatever they wear becomes a trend in the fashion industry. The demands of their style attires increase in the market very much as everyone want to look like them and dress like them.

Many of the top celebs are renowned more for their unique dressing style rather than their professional work. Due to the increase in the number of their style followers, many of these celebs have opened the chain of their own clothing line and accessories. Out of many other celebs, the most followed celebrities are the hip hop stars, they are very much liked by the young crowd, and Teenagers love to follow their dressing styles as they are fresh, colorful and flashy. Their style is classy as well as very trendy, some of these hip hop stars also have their own brands.

Everything they wear during their shows or performance has a unique combination, they include ultra stylish accessories, trendy colorful shoes with exclusive pattern clothes. These attires are of various radiant colors which are made by using different types of fabrics. People follow their styles as a wide of variety is available in the market for both men and women in this type of style statement. Theses dresses are trendy and make people look outstanding in any function. The hip hop dressing does not require high brands, people can also experiment different looks of their favorite celebs by just doing mix and match. Hip hop celebs are mainly liked for their bold attitudes which they showcase with their dressing.

Celebrity dressing is not just about buying big brands; it is all about dressing up in different styles which are trendy to wear yet very comfortable. The youth always like to wear clothes which are worn by the celebs, for this they spend a lot of money on getting the best attires and accessories, which include It includes jeans, jackets, t-shirts, tops, skirts, shirts, tees, track pants, thermal wear, night wear, etc.  All these varieties are found of both men and women in many unique styles and cut.

The youth find out about these hip hop styles not only from the magazines and newspapers but also from the online websites, many of these sites are specially designed to showcase the different styles worn by these celebs. Their glamorous and funky styles are always on display so that people can see them and can follow them accordingly. The hip hop celebrities are never seen without flaunting their unique dressing with complementing accessories.  These accessories only add that extra glamour in their look which is followed by youngsters all over the world.

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