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Fat and Beautiful, Israel’s Miss Large beauty contest

Being fat puts you behind for everything in life and career. If you are plump and large sized, you cannot take part in everything – you can step into entertainment, modeling and beauty pageants. But wait….being plump now provide you everything mentioned above and even all what you can think. You can now do modeling since large size modeling assignments are available. And now you can even enter into beauty pageants too if you are fat and this is possible in Israel since Israel has now begun this trend and hopefully it will go to world over.

Now if you are fat, large, have much flesh on body and your thighs are thunderous and wobble like jelly, then you can take part in Israel’s Fat and Beautiful Contest – Miss Large Contest. The contest was held in Beersheva, the southern town of Israel last weekend whereas 16 contestant tool part to win the title of Miss Large. After the rounds, the new Plus Sized Beauty Queen was announced.

Vered Fisher, 22, who weighs 110 kgs, has been announced the winner of the contest. She serves in the intelligence of Israel’s army. Esterica Nagid, the modeling agent, is the one who initiated this trend in Israel and this year it is the 20th consecutive year for the contest.