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Marc Le Bihan launches first boutique in Paris

As per the reports from the fashion abode, Marc Le Bihan has set the first boutique. The latest chunks reveal that the boutique has been set on Paris’ Right Bank and it features the classy and eye-candy signature labels of the fashion designer. Besides it also showcases the jewelry designed by Jean-François Mimilla.

The labels for men’s fashion include turn-of-the-century buttons, modern cuts with frayed seams and shirts with bib panels. Where the women’s selection, which is smaller, carries both options – day and evening like the ones as silk dress and linen vest. The outfits are usually there in black and white shades and shades of gray but the hints of orange and maroon are mixed together throughout.

The jewelry of Mimilla has the combination of fine silver chain entwined with beads. The outlet, spread over 670 square feet, was launched in June this year at the location of 25 Rue Henri Monnier.