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Rita Ora looks stunning in fishtail dress at British Fashion Awards

British Fashion Awards enticed the souls and the celebs equally on Tuesday night. It was a real sparkling extravaganza which allured the partrcipatnts and the celebrities fully. The celebs hit the place wearing the designers’ outfits. Every celeb was in effort to look different and distinguished.

Well, the fiesta was a rocking affair. Even the like of Lilly Cooper who was heavily pregnant could not hold herself at home and emerged at the occasion. The magic of the event was mammoth.

The red carpet saw the gorgeous celebs hitting the place with oomph. Rita Ora was among those who lured the scene with their stylish outfit and classy mesmerizing makeup and beauty.

Rita was clad in an aquamarine gown by Vivienne Westwood. The corseted outfit flaunted off her shape to perfection. The media people could not hold themselves clicking her pictures. Rita, 22, teamed the fishtail costume with the silver choker. Smokey eye makeup made her glittering.