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Jennifer Nicole Lee shows off her derriere – wow!

Jennifer Nicole Lee is the one babe who is famed as being a fitness guru and she is also popular for flaunting off her sexy curves to the fullest. She loves showing off the killer curves all the time and in particular when she is on the beach.

Well, Jennifer was in Miami recently where she exposed more than the expectations of the people. This is what happened that she was enjoying the dips in the pool and when she came out of the pool, her bikini bottom (underwear) slipped down half showing off her d-shaped derriere to full view to the people out there.

When she is out, the paparazzi are also out following her. Thus when the scene happened, the shutterbugs took their cameras out and clicked the steamy pictures.

And well, you guys are now seeing one of the steamiest pictures of this fitness guru whose six packs body is in news all the time.

She really made the scene hot and males in particular got really mad seeing this classy and super sexy woman of the entertainment trade.

Jennifer Nicole Lee shows off nude body on Miami beach

Jennifer Nicole Lee, famous as JNL, showed off almost her nude body on the Miami beach on Friday. The public out there and the paparazzi all were filled with water in their mouth seeing her incredibly curvaceously sexy physique. The d-shaped derriere was really lip-smacking and inviting the attention of all and sundry. The big bosom babe was in full elements.

She is famous as a fitness guru and after losing 70 pounds and launching herself as a real fitness guru, Jennifer does not need any diet tips at all. Nicole, 37, was spotted reading the weight loss article while being on the beach. 37-year-old Nicole, who is a model and an entrepreneur, showed off her delicious curves on the beach.

She is no stranger to flaunting off her notoriously toned body on beach. She then went under the public showers on the beach, where her drenched body, which was almost naked, allured the eyes of all out there.

In string bikini, Jennifer was looking super steamy and the killer curves were aptly slaughtering the people on the beach.

Jennifer Nicole Lee emerges wearing revealing bikini – her skin and butt show

Jennifer Nicole Lee is the fitness guru and this hot babe of the Hollywood entertainment industry is all the time on the headlines for various reasons. She grabs the chunks more about her being super hot and her slipping into bikinis. She often slips into revealing bikinis and hits the beaches. She knows the art of capturing the headlines which is why she emerges at the place where the paparazzi can reach easily. When the media is out there and you are there as well, obviously you are a celeb, you would be clicked and spicy stories are bound to follow which at last give you edge in fame.

Jennifer is the mom of couple of kids and she is in her late 30s. Still this babe is supremely hot and super curvaceous with thin waist and d-shaped derriere that is simply juicy to let your mouth filled with water.

Nicole Lee recently oozed out at a beach wearing colorful bikini. She let the paparazzi enjoy the heat as she showed off her d-shaped butt and heavy skin show. Check her photos.