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Kim Kardashian’s see-through top

This babe really knows how to grab the camera’s lights. The flash bulbs run after her wherever she goes and the camera’s lights love her the most. She is the central attraction of the paparazzi and the media too loves her to the fullest since she adorns their tabloids by giving them the juicy stories to rave big about.

Recently we have been seeing her going braless at various locations. But this babe has now decided to wear the bra this time around when she came at the airport of Florida city.

Kim was wearing a sheer top, which was giving full view of her breasts half wrapped up by a black bra. The reality star’s top turned more transparent due to the camera’s lights pouring on her.

The see-through top made her look more sophisticated. The black trouser suit flattered Kim’s curves more. She was killing the men out there with her beauty and the fabulous sex appeal.