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Danielle O’Hara doesn’t like her bigger breasts

The famed model Danielle O’Hara says that she simply hates her bigger boobs and likes her previous shape with smaller breasts. She is pregnant for the third time and is going to produce her third baby soon. Danielle had numerous breast augmentations and even went under the knife for removing her implants.

She has married to a footballer Jamie and with him she has two kids and third she is going to deliver. She was talking to Closer Magazine where she said that she was unhappy with her changing shape. She tells that she prefers her last year’s smaller boobs when she was not pregnant.

Danielle goes on saying that when she slips into a bikini, she does not find herself comfortable at all due to bigger body and boobs. She says all say you look gorgeous whereas she herself does not think so at all.

Danielle also mentions that she is not taking any exercises this time around as she doesn’t want the premature delivery. It happened to her last time with her second son’s delivery.