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Imogan Thomas shows how sexy she is in bikini

Imogen Thomas, the most beautiful and the sexiest babe of today’s time in the entertainment and fashion world, is pregnant these days. The paparazzi’s delight, Imogan was in Spain recently where she took the yoga classes and enjoyed the precious moments of life.

Although she has done glamour modeling a lot in her time, but this curvaceously classy and sexy babe does not leave any stone unturned to pose for the cameras whenever any opportunity knocks the door.

Imogen, 29, the former Big Brother contestant, was in Spain for fewer days where she went for pregnancy yoga retreat in the hills. Over the weekend, the babe flaunted off her pregnant curves in super revealing bikini on the Marbella beach.

After the yoga classes turned off, Thomas went for enjoying life on the beach. The brunette let the people know that even the pregnancy suited her the best and made her extra sexier than before. Yup, she is absolutely right. Just check the pictures and see how sexy she looks even in pregnant body?