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Tamara Ecclestone fights to hide cleavage

Tamara Ecclestone fought heavily to hide her cleavage but in vain. Well, the heiress and popular socialite has recently admitted that she gained few kilos on her body after the split from her ex-lover Omar Khyami.

But she is not afraid of her weight again at all. Tamara is on way to eliminate the weight gain by doing heavy workouts in a day. She is on her mission to battle with the flesh she has added on her sexily curvy body.

The sexy beauty was in Los Angeles recently. She was spotted leaving the Barry’s Bootcamp after her heavy workout sessions. There was no sign of tidiness at all rather she was looking fresh.

Tamara was clad in a gym costume – grey vest top, Nike trousers and black leggings. In this costume, she was looking super glamorous.

The daughter of the Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone was hiding her eyes from the sun with a pair of Ray Ban glasses.

She was utterly dressed to impress by flaunting off her huge cleavage with the aid of a push up bra.