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Tamara Ecclestone’s beach holiday with fiance in Dubai

She is real beauty…she is really sexy…she is really classy…she is really sizzling…she is really hot and above all she is really super rich. Yes, she is Tamara Ecclestone, the Formula One heiress. She is in Dubai these days with her fiance Jay to spend quality time together. She and Jay enjoyed the holiday perfectly and even they are spending with much gusto.

Both enjoyed the hot sun being in the ocean in Dubai. In the clear water, the couple shared kisses and lip locks. Tamara is the one who can buy an Island in Dubai but she went on enjoying the romantic holiday with Jay on a public beach.

Tamara was clad in a tie-dye bikini. She showed off her perfect body in a revealing bikini and her fiance enjoyed the babe’s sexy body fully there. Post the joys on the beach, the couple went for the party for Tamara’s new haircare range.

Tamara Ecclestone’s juicy assets in black dress

The Formula One heiress, Tamara Ecclestone leaves no stone unturned to endow the onlookers and the people outside with her stylish fashion statements all the time. Hardly there is any time when she appears outside without sporting her fashion statements. She is famous for displaying style with elegance.

Tamara is a class in herself and her billionaire status makes her classier among the people of the world. Yesterday Ecclestone was spotted in Harrods being clad in a tracksuit and Ugg boots. She was not alone at all rather was enjoying the arms of a man – yes, of a fashion guru Trinny Woodall.

Her chic black dress was much revealing from the upper side – yup…from cleavage. It was not a deep neck outfit rather Tamara popped up her assets which looked no more than the football.

The onlookers enjoyed her assets fixing their eyes on them. Well, this was what she wanted and this was what she did over there and this was what the paparazzi wanted for their tabloids.