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Tips for the makeup for black and white photos

Black and White photography often works big time in appealing and even in this modern age with technological advancements and the age that has matured the photography hugely and adding more colors to it, the need of black and white photography is still intact. This kind of photography adds a super classic and timeless touch to the photos whether they are for wedding or for any other purpose. If you plan to have black and white photographs, then you need to give extra care and attention to the photography than the outfits. Here we discuss about the black and white photography for the wedding day. Follow the steps of makeup mentioned below so as to make your wedding day black and white pictures super affluent and varied in tone.

How to Apply Foundation

Wedding day makeup’s base is foundation. Do make use of a concealer to hide the apparent blemishes on the skin and then go for applying the foundation. You have to avoid the mineral based foundations or foundation powder since they happen to be much reflective.

Eye Makeup

If you go for deep and brighter colored makeup using the eyeliner, the pictures then in black and white will bring in the effect of dreary panda eyes. This kind of look has to be avoided to make the pictures look good. Use the neutral colors and do stick with the earth tones like softer brownish, this will generate good impact in black and white photos.

Lips and Lipstick Color

If you go with the vivacious type of lip color, the pictures in black and white will appear as excessively darker. Do stick to mild hues and extra natural tones, they will make the black and white pictures attention grabbing. If you use the colors for the lipstick such as red, purple or blue – they will have darker effects in black and white pictures. Thus if you like a bolder and darker look, you may go with the dark red color for lipstick.