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Francesca Eastwood shows creamy body in black bikini

Modeling on the beaches and enjoying vacations and leisure time out on the sandy beaches and on the cool waves are what the celebs of tinsel town would love to do. They are always found splashing with the wavy waves of the oceans on the beach.

Joining in is the new babe from entertainment world Francesca Eastwood, who is the daughter of Pale Rider star Clint, who hit the beach to let the water play with her most curvaceous body.

The babe showed off her most creamy skin, killer curves and sex appeal in an utter black bikini that was much revealing. Francesca was enjoying every bit of her stay over the beach.

She is presently dating the celebrity photographer Tyler Shields and she has posed for the beau many a time. She is the one who is never afraid of the camera lens.

Check out the hotness of this hot babe.