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Kerry Katona says Kate Middleton should’ve gone topless

Kerry Katona is ravishing and gorgeous babe. The elegant gal has gone for defending the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton for her topless pictures making the rounds of the media for last many days. Katona is angry as well on the French magazine Closer’s publishing the topless photos of Kate.

Katona, the famed reality star, has said that she should have been gone for taking her bikini top off. Kerry went on mentioning that it appears really disgusting and few people say that Kate should not have thrown her top away during her personal holiday. Kerry says she really should have done as she has every right to do so.

Kerry Katona says that it is really much bad that she has cameras following her all the time. But ofcourse they should not follow her private holidays. The reports have it that the royals have already filed the criminal report at a court in Paris against the magazine. Kerry supports William and Kate’s decision of filing the report.