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Jessie J returns to frosted lips

Jessie J, is there any need to tell you that she is an utter sex bomb with those heart-hitting sexy curves on body? Well, there is no need at all since the entire world knows her and her utter sex appeal to the most. Jessie J, where she loves dolling up in figure hugging outfits to let the world in particular the men feel the heat, she also likes to tone up her meaty-sexy lips to make them more sexier than ever.

The lippy, lippy babe Jessie, this time around once again, showed the fans that her lips are sexier than before. She was at an event recently where she flaunted off her frosted lips. She says that she has brought her frosted lips look back in fashion once again.

She adds that she sometimes sees herself in the mirror after getting up ready and says ‘Woah’, Jessie you are superb’.

Jessie enticed her fans and the audiences at the concluding ceremony of London Olympics. She was clad in figure tight outfit which was showing her curves fully and the audiences simply loved her. She was really in her elements.