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Helen Flanagan strips and poses for a racy photoshoot

Helen Flanagan was the most loved celebrity on the show, ‘I’M a Celebrity…Get Me Out of It’. She was much in news for the show and the show grabbed more TRP because of her presence. Her bikini body and her taking baths in bikinis showing the bigger assets in various bras – all this made the show much popular and audiences loved it.

She has been voted off the show on Monday night. But she never ceases the pleasures of the fans by continuing letting them see her bikini photos on Twitter.

Apart from the bikini photos, Helen has recently done a racy photo shoot for FHM Magazine’s upcoming calendar of 2013. She loves showcasing her incredible body curves to the world and she keeps on doing the same all the time.

In the shoot, she appears in much revealing cardigan and a pair of G-string briefs which preserve her modesty. She flaunts off her fabulous curvy figure to the world to enjoy and see it. Wearing a pair of black stockings, she makes it sure that her larger cleavage was endowed with maximum exposure by completely unbuttoning her barely there white cardigan.

G-string and Thongs

Front view of a G-string and Thongs

Rear view of a G-string

A G-string is minimal clothing worn by women that covers the genitals (pubic area). It passes between the thighs/buttocks and is attached to a band around the hips. It can be made of a narrow piece of cloth, leather or plastic which can disappear between the wearer’s buttocks. It is alos termed as thong.