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Nina Dobrey looks divine in hot pink Gabriela Cadena outfit at Got Milk

Nina Dobrey is undoubtedly the babe of the entertainment globe we all love to watch her and see her all the time. She possesses the beauty and sex appeal which no one can deny. Her beauty laced with endless amount of sex appeal is what you cannot take your eyes off. Wherever she goes, the eyes follow this stunningly curvaceous lass. If the masses cannot take the eyes off her, then how can the media be behind? Well, we all know the paparazzi are always after the stars to grab the spicy chunks from their on-off screen lives, so Dobrey’s life too is well scanned.

Currently her life’s one portion was scanned by the reporters. Well, she was there at the recently held Got Milk event where this Vampire Diaries actress came to slaughter the people. She was looking divine in hot pink Gabriela Cadena outfit which she accessorized with Jimmy Choo heels.