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Nicki Minaj grabs attention through her shiny cleavage

Nicki Minaj is a real sex bomb with those notorious bigger assets which she keeps on revealing all the time. The babe loves controversies and these are the controversies which give her the big boost. She recently performed at the Manchester MEN’s arena where thousands of fans gathered to enjoy her gig.

Nicki, as usual, went for showing off her bigger assets through huge cleavage. The shine on the upper portion of the assets added sparkles to her sex appeal. She instantly gathered the media and fans attention with her gig and flaunting off the cleavage.

Brooke Vincet and model Gemma too arrived at the scene and they told that they loved watching Nicki perform at the show.

Nicki Minaj was in full spirits and in her true elements. Her performance was sparkling and classy. All and sundry simple loved it. Well, once again this babe succeeded in fetching in the attention of the paparazzi and the masses.