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Gemma Arterton’s leg view in her jacket style dress

Showing a bit of or more flesh is the hot trend of today among the celebs. Although it has not happened just now rather since the outset, the skin-show has been the delight of the entertainment industry. Female celebs are more inclined and interested in showing off what they possess. Where they go naked or semi naked or showing off plenty at the events, they also go for showing the skin in various ways to grab the attention.

Angelina Jolie’s style mantra, which she used at the Oscars by showing off the legs in a split dress from front, has been oozing out a treat among the female stars of the tinsel town.

Gemma Arterton too joined in the bandwagon at the London Film Festival on Friday.

She brought true glamour quotient at the festival wearing a daring black outfit. Arterton, the former Bond Girl flaunted off her leg in a jacket style outfit carrying a daring split high up between her legs.

It was fortunate for her that she was clad in a black slip underneath which protected her modesty else the figure would have been vivid to the onlookers and the attendees.