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Gemma Collins shows off plump body curves in swimsuit

Gemma Collins is though a super bulky and plump actress but she is super sexy and can beat the svelte actresses in terms of sex appeal. Yes that’s correct and she can even prove it all the time. In wrapped up outfits, she shows off sex appeal and when she slips into revealing costumes such as bikinis or swimsuits, Gemma can slaughter the men with her hot persona.

She is the one who always celebrates her womanly figure. Although her costars in TOWIE display svelte physiques but Gemma Collins is simply proud of her plump curves and she can literally let the men feel the huge bulge inside their pants with her utter sexy persona.

This vivacious 31-year-old babe recently came out to take sun bath at the resort in Marbella as she was holidaying there. She was wearing swimsuit and lying at poolside. She was in utter relaxing mood and was enjoying the sun. Her larger bulky body curves were finding it hard to adjust in the swimsuit which was why her body was largely visible.