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Elisabetta Canalis shows how curvy she is

Elisabetta Canalis, Italian sexy siren, is the one lady who is the center of attention all the time wherever she goes. Well, her body rather the svelte hourglass body is what puts her into the headlines all the time. The derriere, she possesses, takes much time to make and maintain. It takes a lot of time and dedication at the gym to get a derriere Elisabetta has.

The gorgeous brunette, who once dated the actor George Clooney, has recently posted her picture in bikini to let the world see how curvy figure she has. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant started dating her new boyfriend Swedish Celebrity fitness trainer Marcus Kowal earlier this year.

He has trained the Hollywood celebs like Rachel McAdams, Hilary Swank, Sacha Baron Cohen and Brendan Fraser. Elisabetta has a trainer boyfriend, who is her personal trainer as well, thus now she had a perfect body, which she showed on Instagram.

In a photo shoot, the actress and model posed stunningly and looked much pretty.

Demi Moore’s bizarre moves and skin-show

Demi Moore, the much famed actress of Hollywood trade, made headlines recently with her bizarre behavior and the skin show she displayed in plenty. Over the past fewer months, the aged actress has been hitting the new leads because of her increasingly erratic behavior.

Well, the latest pictures are now likely to spark more in her personal life and among her fans. She was seen showing off much of bizarre behavior and skin show at a bash with Lenny Kravitz and other pals on Wednesday night.

Demi, 50, showed a lot to the shutterbugs present there at the Chanel Beachside Barbecue. Her antics could not impress her friends at all including Stacy Keibler (George Clooney’s new girlfriend) and Kravitz.

With the music, the 50 years old babe could not help holding herself anymore and started making the weird dancing moves. Kravitz was seen looking embarrassed with her moves. Moore, mother of three, wore a grey playsuit for the party. She was seen lifting her arms and shaking her body sitting on her seat and then standing as well.

Although the couple – Demi and her new beau American art dealer Vito Schnabel, 26, stepped into the party together but they did not pose together and seen together as well, but both were rumored to have indulged into a passionate PDA inside.