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Georgia Salpa struggles to hide her assets

Georgia Salpa is called the sexiest living celebrity on earth and she gets her place on the list quite often and now she shows as to why she gets her place on the world’ sexiest women’s list by flaunting off ample cleavage.

She is the one who is not famous for covering up her curves at all but what happened to her that she kept on covering her ample cleavage which she herself was flaunting it off through her gorgeous dress?

On Thursday night, the model seems quite modest than usual as she was covering her modesty (ample cleavage) with her hands post the Die Hard premiere.

She was wearing a draped orange outfit. Georgia, 27, had really to fight to contain her modesty. She was also showing off a hint of her white bra.

She was really looking super sexy with her vivid assets which were on display despite her efforts to hide them.

FHM names Georgia Salpa as the World’s Top Sexiest Woman

FHM Magazine is always rated much higher in the world. It has biggest readership and fan following across the globe. The magazine publishes from various parts of the world in particular from those terra firmas where the fashion industry flourishes and shines a lot. FHM Magazine every years issues the lists of the top beautiful, sexiest, hottest and the likes lists to let the people know who is IN and who is OUT of the trade.

This time around, FHM issued the list of Top 100 Sexiest Women of 2012. And you know guys…who won the list? Well, she is none other than the sizzling hot Irish babe Georgia Salpa. She is super excited after getting named the top sexiest babe of the world. She snatches the news headlines and now she will be naming all the headlines to her name after the complete list is issued by the magazine which is due for release soon.