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German designer Lydia Maurer steps in, Indian designer Manish Arora out

The latest reports from the world of international fashion say that the German designer Lydia Maurer has succeeded India’s famed fashion designer Manish Arora at the famous Spanish fashion house, Paco Rabanne.

Lydia, 29, has reportedly been announced as the artistic director for womenswear at the fashion house where she will replace India’s fashion designer Manish Arora. It has been learnt that Lydia has worked for the likes of Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent prior to stepping in as a studio design director at Paco Rabanne in late 2011. Now she has been promoted to the capacity of Artistic Director by replacing Manish Arora.

The reports also suggest that the fashion house drifted apart from Manish last month on friendly note. Manish spent two season at the house and during his time, the house relaunched its womenswear after the hiatus of five years or so.

Maurer expresses her excitement saying that she is quite excited and feels honored to be the artistic director at the renowned fashion house. She will display her first spring and summer collection at Paris fashion Week in coming October 2012.