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Katy Perry shoots for Ghd Air’s global campaign

This babe is handsomely and endlessly gorgeous with the milky skin you cannot hold yourself back in praising big for her. Katy is all the rage. Her fame does not limit her to UK or the US rather it takes her to each corner of the world. Her singing prowess further adds ritzy flavors to her already bigger charm. She is the darling of every heart. Males fall for her and women get crazy after her.

Well, Katy, where she lands on the headlines all the time, she is also the center of attraction of all the leading brands which is why she is found doing endorsements for them and doing photoshoots for the brands. A new photoshoot too took place recently for the coveted electronic brand, Ghd Air.

For the global ad campaign, Perry was roped in to do the photo shoot. The famed fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth clicked the photos in Los Angeles when Katy’s world tour ended up. The photos reveal the singer landing up in moody black and white shots laced with shiny Hollywood style hair.

She really enjoyed the shoot as she uttered it was a real fun.