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Elle Fanning makes big fashion disaster in New York

Fashion disasters are the parts of the tinsel town or the entertainment globe. Celebs get often victimized by these fashion disasters. Well, behind these fashion failures, they themselves and their stylists become the culprit. Often rather on regular basis, we get to know a lot by the fashion blunders the celebs in particular the female celebrities do in abundance. Yesterday we learnt about the big fashion blunder, the very gorgeous and top notch sexy siren of the U.S entertainment trade Kim Kardashian made.

Now the new female celeb, who faced the fashion disaster is none other than Elle Fanning, the ravishingly gorgeous actress. The media’s delight, Elle appeared at the screening of the Ginger & Rosa event taken place in New York few days back where she wore the big old floral frock.

Everyone out there got really down seeing this beauty in utter fashion failure. What happened to her fashion sense, we are utterly unable to understand it.