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Cheryl Cole’s elegant, but Kimberly’s sexier

Cheryl Cole is the songstress who has biggest fan following in the world. The singer’s dimpled beauty and her milky complexion always put her on the top in comparison of others. Well, her singing too is brilliant to get her listed on the top notch list. Her beauty and style statements are always adored and loved. She is a class in every sense of the word.

Well, Cheryl and other members of Girls Aloud have split and their last gig was simply awesome. Everyone loved it. Post the last gig, at the show, the celebration turned more exciting when all the babes of the band appeared classier wearing heart-hitting costumes.

Cheryl’s style looted the scene. She was wearing one shouldered white costume. Cole was looking elegant. But her fashion statement got downward before Kimberly’s costume. Kimberly Walsh went for a strapless minidress.

Kimberly got all the attention which was due to Cheryl Cole. Kimberly was looking more dashing and sexier than Cole, as she was flaunting off a bit of cleavage as well.