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Gemma Atkinson’s toned up body – Must See!

Gemma Atkinson, the actress who shot to fame with a teen soap Hollyoaks, recently showed off her toned up svelte figure during the heavy punishing workout sessions in Hollywood.

The babe’s career is on way to move forward and the same is happening with her toned up physique which keeps on getting more toned with the passage of time.

While the babe was in Los Angeles for the meetings, she found some time for her fitness and went out to do some grueling workout sessions.

Gemma, 27, who was recently spotted doing the workouts with beau Liam Richards, was seen doing the fitness sessions with Mark Smith, the former Gladiator star.

Atkinson was clad in a purple cropped top and black leggings and she was in Hollywood hills for doing some heavy fitness sessions. The babe was looking enormously gorgeous and classy. She was also seen glancing a praising look at the muscular body of Mark.