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Lauren Conard goes topless for Glamour

Lauren Conard, the very gorgeous-sexiest-ravishing and curvaceous former reality star turned fashion designer, has gone topless for a photoshoot done specially for the May issue of Glamour Magazine. The shoot was done very aesthetically and the babe looks utter sexy and blood-boiling.

She reveals her wonderfully svelte body in white bikini bottoms. In the interview, she admits that she usually is very much shy of flaunting her nude body but this time around she went tossing her clothes away for the nude photo shoot.

She tells that on her vacation to Cabo, she slipped into the bathing outfit for the very first time in years on the beach. Normally, she says, she is simply frightened for doing so and she hesitates to throw the clothes away from the body. She went on revealing the reason that few years back, someone zoomed in on her cellulite and it appeared so mean that she took the matter so serious. She then did not wear the swimsuit in Los Angeles in years due to this.