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Have Glasses Been Accepted As A Fashion Accessory?

With the vast amount of clothing and fashion accessories available on the market, consumers have a wealth of choice at their disposal. New styles and trends are seen in the designer pre-season catwalks, and soon after stores across the world mimic the fashion designs, giving the consumer the latest fashion at their fingertips.

Yet when it comes to an accessory we are told we need, why do so many people stick to styles which only fit the purpose?

Years ago, being told you need prescription glasses was seen as bad news and many people didn’t even wear their prescribed glasses for fear of being judged.

In modern times, people have now come to terms with this health need and billions of people across the world now need glasses for everyday wear.

A wealth of styles

Many of the world’s favorite fashion brands and houses have now broken into the glasses market, creating stunning pieces in line with their clothing designs. From Alexander McQueen to Gucci, the prescription glasses market is growing fast, and the choices are endless.

Playing it safe

So why do so many glasses wearers stick to safe styles; opting for a plain frame with no fussy designs or even the slightest of detail and personality?

It seems there are two types of glasses wearers: those who embrace the chance for a new accessory, mimicking their personality and likes through their glasses, and those who wear glasses merely for the very reason that they need them in order to see clearly.


The point to remember is that your prescription can be incorporated into almost any glasses frame you want to wear. Gone are the days when glasses simply consisted of two lenses and a metal strip to attach them together; nowadays glasses are a chance to wear a style you would choose just like any other fashion accessory.

Perhaps it is due to their unwillingness to admit to the world that we need help with our vision, or perhaps it is through fear of not wanting to stand out, but it seems sometimes consumers are playing it too safe with their glasses style. Whilst it would be foolish to assume everyone is fashion conscious and overly concerned about their appearance, it is worth noting that the trusty pair of spectacles has moved from a time when it was a sign or poor health to wear them to a time where it offers an opportunity for people to show their personality through the style the choose.

Glasses don’t just exist to fit a purpose; no, nowadays celebrities across the world wear spectacles even without a prescription as they are now seen as a mark of true stylishness.

So go on, unleash your inner self with a glasses style you not only feel comfortable with; but enjoy wearing.

About Author: Amy writes for Direct Sight, a leading provider of cheap glasses uk.