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Heidi Klum shows off gold underwear

Heidi Klum, 39, is still as popular as she used to be in her heydays. She still charges huge sum of money for the projects she does. The former Victoria’s Secret angel and the one who ruled the modeling scene for 20 long year as a supermodel has posted her unique picture from her album which shows her in an utter weird style.

Yes, she is showing off her gold underwear in the picture. She captioned the picture ‘whoopsie’. Besides this she did not give any kind of detail at all. Then she posted her picture of today in which she got cheesy and sassy with the delicious pizza. Currently Heidi is busy with being a presenter and hosting the show Project Runway.

Since she does not have that status in the industry with bulk of catwalks assignments and the things like that as she used to have, she now does not follow any diet plans. But still she cannot afford any overeating.

Heidi Klum is the mother of four and she has been in New York. She is presently undergoing the divorce procedure from husband Seal.