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Heidi Klum strips off in Sardinia

Heidi Klum, the supermodel, still has lots of sparks to kill the men and the people with her endless amount of sex appeal, heart-hitting curves, toned up body and marvelous beauty. She can still be called the Victoria’s Secret’s best model since at the age of 39, she holds those sparks which she used to have in her heydays.

Heidi is all the time busy even today with lots of working assignments. All the time packed with working diary, the babe does not find any time to get relaxed. But she took time out of her busy schedule to celebrate her father’s birthday.

Heidi Klum went to celebrate the father’s birthday to Europe. Heidi, the mother of four, enjoyed father Günther’s birthday completely. The happy family photo taken with father and mother was posted by her on Twitter.

A week-long trip to Europe witnessed her being in utter happiness state. She stripped off to bikini on the beach and she enjoyed vacations on the Italian isle of Sardinia. Heidi is really loved by her fans situated in the entire globe. Keep it up good work, babe.