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Honeymoon is over for Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian with kris humphries

Kim Kardashian and her basketballer husband Kris Humphries are returned back after a mini-honeymoon abroad. They were gone to Italy.

She tweeted,”Back in the US and it feels sooo good! Had such a fun relaxing time away! Back to reality!”

She will be present at Sunday’s 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. This year this award will have performances from Pitbull with Ne-Yo, Lady Gaga, Adele, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars and Beyoncé. Kardashian will be presenter at the show. Other popular faces like Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, Selena Gomez, Jonah Hill, Odd Future, Rick Ross and Seth Rogen will also be present at the 28th annual MTV Video Music Awards.

Make Your Honeymoon Lively With Skirts!

To make your honeymoon perfect, its essential that you pack the correct clothes to take with you. When you do this, don’t forget your alluring skirts!

Honeymoon! A word that makes newly married men and women tingle from top to toe! Of course, not all couples go on honeymoons, but for those who do, this break after wedding, this time alone with one’s new spouse, spells a new start to life.

On a honeymoon, a couple gets to understand each other’s lifestyles and both learn how to adjust with each other. The world seems a magical place. This is especially true for women who see the world through rose-coloured spectacles during this period. One of the reasons for this is that they boldly anticipate the pleasures of sex!

Actually, a honeymoon is primarily about sex! This is what is on the minds of both the new husband and the new wife! For full enjoyment of intercourse, they need the perfect location – one that will heighten the tingling in their bodies. Once they have found the perfect location, they can begin to move towards that perfect moment when they become one! Besides location, the kind of clothes a woman brings on her honeymoon is of the utmost importance.


Most women find a hut on the beach the perfect setting for sex. But it must be a hut which has all modern amenities and is not just comfortable, but even luxurious! The closeness to sand, wind, waves and water, makes women feel close to Nature and then the act of intercourse seems so very natural and wonderful.

As far as clothes go, both skirts and lingerie allow them to show off their delicious curves and a honeymoon is definitely the time for this! So, when a woman is packing for her honeymoon, it would be great if she packed loads of enchanting honeymoon skirts.

A woman’s skirt can make passion run so high that their men just can’t stop looking at them. And, for a woman, a honeymoon is all about her husband staring at her with lustful eyes and a heart full of passion of love!

Skirts need not reveal all – they should just give a promise of what is hidden inside and inflame the husband. Mermaid skirts with ruffles are very sexy and create a sensational buzz.

Women always spend a great deal of thought on what to pair with their short skirts. One “honeymoon” solution to this problem is to pair short skirts with stylish bikinis!

Shirts should highlight a woman’s waist. White skirts are just fantastic at doing this. Skirts can be made even more elegant and sexy with a clinging shoulderless top. One can be bold in teaming colours. Black and purple make a great combination.

Women can make their honeymoons a blast if they team great skirts with the right bras and tops. When long legs are revealed with short skirts, men will come closer right away! Brides should understand that their honeymoons will be rocking and all their dreams of romantic and yet wildly passionate sex will be realised if they make sure that their outfits are stunning.

Christiana is a New York model and her favourite attire is short skirts teamed with sexy tops which expose her sensuous body in the most provocative manner. She enjoys the flutter she creates on the streetArticle Search, but she is married and is much more concerned about the effect her dress and antics have on her husband. She therefore loves to dazzle her man with an extraordinary performance when they steal a weekend for themselves from their busy schedules. This is how Christiana makes sure that she and her man doing this. Skirts can be made even share a deep and intimate bond.

It is very important for a couple to start their married life with a honeymoon that is memorable. During this special time together they can establish bond that is both magical and unbreakable – one that will keep them together and happy the rest of their lives!

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