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How to Stand Like a Male Model – Useful Tips

How to stand like a male model is what many aspiring models seek. Remember, each modeling agency possesses its own requirements for their models to be such as particular heights, clothing size, weight and some other things. But one requirement all agencies carry – a male who can carry himself with confidence.

There are certain agencies who train their male models as per their requirements and even how to stand in a particular manner is also what is told to the models.

There are few specific instructions of how to stand like a male model.

You should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. This will surely help you keep your balance.

You need to flex your knees a bit. If you are going to lock your knees, you will enhance the risk of passing out.

You need to stand in a way that your back should be straight and shoulders held back. Mind you, good posture is vital for many modeling agencies.

You need to strike a pose required by your modeling agency like you could be asked to put your hands into your trousers’ pockets, etc.

Keep the face serious unless asked by the photographer or the agency to put smile on.