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Kim Kardashian’s swollen baby bump

Kim Kardashian is now seven months pregnant. Well, the heavily pregnant babe was in Greece with her family to spend holidays there. Over there, she was recently spotted wearing simple bikinis through which she was showing off her really swollen baby bump in full view. Kardashian was looking simply dazzling and gorgeous with her big baby bump.

Kim was at ease and she showed the same through the gestures. Her tresses in braids and she was in true healthy condition. She soaked up the sun along with the family.

She was there at the My Mykonos resort on Mykonos Island. She enjoyed her break wearing three different bikinis – white, maroon and black. And in every bikini, she simply dazzled.

Kim has been announcing to be fashion forward during her pregnancy but now she says that she prefers comfort over style as it is hard to struggle with the body’s changing shapes.

Kendall Jenner posts her bikini picture

Kendall Jenner, well, guys we all know about her being the half sister of the world’s sexiest woman from the world of entertainment, Kim Kardashian. Yes, we all must agree with the fact that Kim happens to be the world’s sexiest babe for sure with her bugger assets, bigger derriere and sexy-curvy figure. And ofcourse, she is also voluptuous, which her half sister, Kendall is not at all!

Yup, Kendall is not voluptuous rather she is super curvy with narrow waist and the svelte figure which Kim can dream of. Kendall recently posted her picture in a bikini on her Instagram account showing how curvaceous figure she possesses.

17-year-old model has the entire world at her fingertips for sure because she is the most beautiful and hourglass frame model. She is in Greece with her family including Kim Kardashian where she slipped into this tiny bathing suit showing off her slender frame. The white bandeau bikini top did the wonders.

She loved her look and then she posted the photos for her fans.

Kim Kardashian in tight leather outfit

Kim Kardashian, the world’s most super hot and most curvaceous sex goddess, loves cameras’ attention and she keeps on getting the same every time she comes out in public. She is pregnant and the pregnant Kim Kardashian is followed heavily as well.

Not only do her fans follow her but also the photographers do the same as well to capture the pictures and the stories from her personal and official life. Kim had said that she would not wear the maternity wear anytime soon and she certainly sticks to her rule aptly.

On Tuesday, she came out wearing the tight leather outfit. The orange colored leather outfit was clung to her pregnant figure and she was wearing the long heels – really painful in pregnant condition. But the babe sticks to her usual fashion statements.

She was heavily followed by the fans and photographers throughout the day and she loved all this. Well, everyone is hungry for fame and Kim is no exception.